Workshops & Programs

Through a respectful and interactive approach to teaching (including practice-circles, small and large-group discussions, questionnaires, role-plays and other exercises), participants are encouraged to share their experiences and skills and to build on their own strengths. Essential knowledge is provided, community-based strategies are developed, and techniques are practiced that promote a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance that simultaneously enhances and integrates individual and community well-being.

All workshops and programs can be tailored to the specific needs of your community

Community Workshops

Through the Pain to Wellness

A Community-Based Response to Indigenous Suicide (5 Days)

Opening the Circle

Developing Community Wellness/Response Teams (3-5 Days)

Reaching Out

Responding To a Person in Crisis (5 Days)

Healing the Wound: The Four Paths of Grief and Trauma HealingRead More >>

Understanding and Supporting Grief & Trauma Healing in the Indigenous Community (4-5 Days)

Team Building

Creating and Maintaining Strong Indigenous Human Service Teams (3-5 Days)

Brief Community Workshops

In Case of Emergency

Community-based Critical Incident Response (1 day)

Comprehensive Training Programs

The Community is the Medicine Program

Community Wellness/Crisis Response Team Development and Maintenance Program (15 days)

Training for Trainers Program

Preparing Community Trainers to facilitate one of the 5-day Community Workshops (10 days)

3 Generations of Youth

Peer Mentoring Training for Trainers (5 days)

Other Workshops

Beyond Colonization

Working Effectively with Aboriginal Clients and/or Students

Holding the Circle

Facilitating Safe and Effective Workshops

1 & 2 Day Training Programs for: