Through the Pain to Wellness

Designed specifically for Aboriginal communities, “Through the Pain to Wellness: Community-Based Suicide Prevention Program” offers a culturally-sensitive introduction to the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for community-based suicide prevention. The three key goals of the program are:

  • to create emotional safety in the face of a very painful issue;
  • to provide essential knowledge, strategies and techniques to respond to suicide as a psychological and social problem (intervention and post-vention);
  • to understand wellness and how to assist a person, family, and community to live in wellnesscleanse suicide from their lives (tue prevention);
  • to develop a core group of skilled and resilient individuals who can assist individuals in suicidal crisis and who are prepared to operate as a community mobilization network.

The subject of suicide often brings out a lot of powerful emotions and memories. Through the Pain includes talking-circles at the beginning and end of each day and provides the time and support necessary for the spontaneous sharing of personal stories. The opportunity for healing has proven to be as valuable to the participants as the information and skills offered.

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive suicide prevention handbook (150 pages).


Suicide Is about Stopping the Pain & Hopelessness

  • Suicide Facts
  • Colonization and Suicide
  • The Three Steps of a Suicidal Crisis
  • Recognizing Suicide Risk
  • The Four Signals of Suicide

Balance and Healing

  • Values and Boundaries
  • Attitudes and Suicide

The Three Steps to Help a Suicidal Person

  • Ask: Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Listen: Active Listening across cultures
  • Help: Safety and Wellness Plans and Responding to the Three Levels of Suicide Risk

Traditional Values: The Roots of Suicide Resilience

  • The Four Foundations of Suicide Resilience
  • Self Esteem Protects us from Suicide
  • A Well-lived Life: Antidote to Colonization

The Community is the Medicine

  • Community Values & Community Healing
  • Values-driven Community-Based Suicide Intervention
  • Values-driven Community-Based Suicide Postvention
  • Values-driven Community-Based Suicide Prevention and Community Engagement

Self Care

  • Consultation and Confidentiality
  • Self-care and Burnout Proofing
  • Self-talk in the Face of a Suicidal Person