Darien Thira is a registered psychologist (CPBC #2040) who serves as a community development/mental health consultant for many Indigenous communities across Canada and offers training workshops and clinical consultation related to personal and community wellness, grief and trauma healing, suicide pre-/inter-/post-vention, and related fields.  He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Adler Graduate University and the University of British Columbia.  His doctoral dissertation related to Indigenous suicide resilience and social activism he was involved in further resilience research at the University of British Columbia.  He has previously served as a clinician with suicidal youth at Child and Youth Mental Health and as the Director of Community Education and Professional Development at the Vancouver Crisis Centre. His “Through the Pain”, a culturally driven community-based suicide prevention program has been used in over 40 Indigenous communities across the country and as a national program in Australia.  His “Opening the Circle” program assists communities to develop their own Crisis Response Team.  “Choices”, his youth suicide awareness education video & seminar was used by more than 250 suicide prevention programs world-wide and he has collaborated on the production of a new version called “Reaching Out”. Darien has presented workshops at many local, provincial, national conferences, and international conferences in: Canada, the United States, and Australia.