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A Brief Interview About Loneliness and Friendship

(Posted by Darien Thira, Phd., Reg. Psych )

Here is a clip from an upcoming documentary on Loneliness and Wellness created by Glen Brauer.  View Here:

Suicide Prevention Gathering in Northern Saskatchewan

(Posted by Darien Thira, Phd., Reg. Psych )

Media coverage from a meeting made up of youth, Elders, and community workers seeking a community-based and culturally rooted response to youth suicide. “You’re the Medicine” CTV short video and article: “The two-day event is in response to the recent suicides of six girls, between 10 and 14 years old, in northern Saskatchewan.” Read and… Read more »

The “Cure” for Indigenous Youth Suicide

(Posted by Darien Thira, Phd., Reg. Psych )

It is usually claimed that Indigenous youth suicide is a “mental health” crisis—it is not. COLONIZATION IS THE CAUSE OF YOUTH SUICIDE If there is a single source of Aboriginal suicide, it is colonization. According to The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Suicide in Canada’s report: Suicide is… the expression of a kind of collective anguish–part… Read more »