Opening the Circle


The community has the capacity. This workshop will support the development of a core group of resilient individuals who can operate as a community mobilization network as they promote community wellness and create a Community Response Team that will respond to community critical incidents and individual crisis.

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive handbook.


  • The Community is the Medicine Workshop (2 Days)
  • Cultural Foundations of a Team
  • Team Building
  • Culture and the Community
  • The Community Wellness Team: Rationale and Membership
  • The Community is the Medicine: Community Resources
  • Community Engagement, Development & Developing a Sustainable Program
  • Wellness Team Community Engagement
  • Activating the Community Response Team
  • Response Team Vision, Mission Structure & Planning (short and long term)
  • Team Policy and Procedures, Statistics, and Evaluation
  • What’s Next…
  • Self Care and Team Survival