Team Building

Sometimes, in the face of community pain, the conflict and demoralization within a team of professional caregivers becomes so intense that it no longer is serving the community effectively. Whether this requires the replacement of the staff or a Team “re-set”, this workshop offers a community the opportunity to build (or re-build) a Human Service Team from the ground up.


  • Traditional Values of Wellness
  • Understanding Colonization and its Impacts on the Community, Families and the Clients
  • Understanding Trauma and its Impacts: Community and Team
  • Resilience and The 4 Paths of Healing: Promoting Resilience
  • Clinical Boundaries, Balance, and Client Self Esteem
  • Encouraging a Positive Identity and Healthy Vision
  • The Circle as a Healing Force
  • Four Stages of Healing: Clients and Staff
  • The Role of a Team
  • Team Visioning
  • Values, Diversity, and Synergy
  • The Team as a Circle
  • Staff Roles and their Contributions to the Circle
  • Responsibilities and Role Clarity
  • Maintaining Your Balance on the Team
  • Information Sharing and Confidentiality
  • Work-Style and the Medicine Wheel
  • Overcoming Barriers to Teamwork
  • Peaceful Communication
  • Effective Listening: Distress and Argument
  • Effective Talking: Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
  • Validation as a Technique and General Approach
  • The Team and the Community
  • Team and Community Programming
  • Self Care and Burn-Out Proofing