Thira Consulting offers Aboriginal communities emotionally safe, culturally-rooted, anti-colonial, strength-based services that enhance capacity and resilience in individuals, families, professionals, and the community as a whole.

There are three foundations to the work of Thira Consulting:

  1. Your community has always had and it still has the resources that can meet its members’ need for self-esteem and a well-lived life–the foundations of resilience and wellness:
    • self-esteem is a sense of personal, family and community value; it is based upon connection (within oneself and with others) and empowerment (sense of personal strength and social voice) and
    • a well-lived life is essential for personal and community wellness;  it embodies a positive family/community role based on contribution and a vision rooted a culture/spirit.
  2. The balance of the fundamental values of care (the desire for another’s well-being that creates connection) and respect (the acknowledgment and support of another’s capacity for empowerment) promotes self-esteem and wellness.
  3. The 3 steps that we can take to escape colonizing ourselves and those we care for and healing the community:
    (1) The first to stop viewing those we care for in terms of their problems, but instead to identify and work with their opportunities for resilience and wellness;
    (2) The second is to shift away from the “individualizing” view of a person, but instead view them within their community; and
    (3) And the third is to stop viewing resources in terms of government programs, but instead to understand the community as a rich source of resilience and wellness resources.