Team Work

Teams are more powerful than the work of disconnected individuals, but Teams often need to be re-focussed as they become overwhelmed by community issues and internal conflict. This workshop provides a an opportunity for the Team to re-visit why they are there and to clarify their roles in the community and with each other.


  • Traditional Values of Wellness
  • Understanding Colonization and its Impacts: The Community,
  • Families and the Clients
  • Understanding Trauma and its Impacts
  • Healthy and Traumatic Grief: Responding to Each in the Clients
  • Resilience and the 4 Paths of Healing: Promoting Resilience
  • Clinical Boundaries, Balance, and Client Self Esteem
  • Encouraging a Positive Identity and Healthy Vision
  • The Circle as a Healing Force
  • Four Stages of Healing
  • The Role of a Team
  • The Team as a Circle
  • Staff Roles and their Contributions to the Circle
  • Responsibilities and Role Clarity
  • Maintaining Your Balance on the Team
  • Information Sharing and Confidentiality
  • Self Care