Positive Parenting

The job of a child is to become an Elder, the job of a parent is to teach them how. The family is the foundation for individual and community wellness. One of the most terrible crimes of residential school was it’s attack on the family. Traditional parenting could not be passed on and the school’s mistreatment of the students sometimes has been. This workshop will offer parents an opportunity to explore their values as parents and to practice skills related to positive communication, constructive arguments, resolving conflict, effective discipline, responding to anger and distress, etc. The following describes the subjects that will be explored in greater detail:

Culturally Rooted Foundations of Parenting

  • traditional family values and the impact of colonization
  • the goals of growing up: self esteem and a well-lived life
  • parenting values & healthy boundaries: a model for a strong family
  • it takes a community to raise a child
  • culture and communication: harmony and independence

Family Communication Under Pressure

  • effective communication
  • responding to emotional distress
  • constructive criticism
  •  effective arguments: from position to principle
  •  assertive communication: goal oriented and personal formats

Effective Discipline

  • understanding behaviour management
  • separating the youth from the behaviour
  • encouragement and attribution techniques
  • harmony through planning
  • contracting and consequences