Mobilizing the Community


The Community is the cure! Despite the strength within them, many communities feel helpless in the face of suicide. Like suicide itself, this is the result of colonization. In communities that have mobilized, the suicide rate is less than in the mainstream. Specifically, two target activities have been identified that promote the community resiliency and reduce suicide risk resulting from colonization. These are:

  • direct crisis services suicide prevention (with a focus upon ‘high risk’ behaviour, self harm, and suicide, itself)
  • social, cultural, and economic Community Development (such as revitalizing cultural and spiritual traditions, strengthening families and supporting children and youth, the promotion of community change).

The Mobilizing the Community workshop is designed to assist the community to recognize its capacity to enhance its resilience–to redevelop its inter-connection, to regain its empowerment, to shift its identity from victim to that of a healthy community rooted in cultural vision and wellness. It offers a simple but effective tool for a community to strengthen its support network and collective confidence as it reduces the suicide of its members. The following is the subjects covered in the workshop:

  • the problem in context: suicide and colonization
  • the solution in context: traditional values and community strengths
  • the “cure” for suicide
  • the community is the medicine: the model
  • visioning the future and planning the journey