A Friend in Need


I’m here for you! Peer-counselling is something we all do with our friends and family. However, there are times that our friends and family need more than sympathy or advice. They need the support to transform, their crisis into an opportunity to change. Peer-counselling offers the bridge from a problem to a solution. This workshop offers the knowledge and skill necessary to help our family and friends when they experience a personal crisis.

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive handbook.


  • Understanding Peer-Helping: what it is an what it’s not
  • Understanding Crisis: the steps and impact of distress
  • The Role & Responsibility of a Helper: the two key values of effective care-giving
  • Understanding Healing: two cultural approaches to healing
  • Responding to a person in Crisis Three Steps: (1) Focus on the Person: active listening skills, (2) Focus on the Problem: open questions and “externalization,” (3) Focus on the Future: action planning and community resource referral
  • The Community is the Medicine: Using the community to heal crisis and vice versa
  • Responsibility, Consultation and Confidentiality: maintaining boundaries
  • Responding to (1) anger/rage, (2) suicide, and (3) traumatic events
  • Self Care: care for the caregiver to reduce possible burn-out